5 Crucial Tips to help you Plan a Destination Wedding in Mexico

plan a destination wedding in Mexico

If you have the idea to plan a destination wedding in Mexico it may seem like a stressful situation, and I know because I have been there. Twice actually. Let me briefly explain.

My first marriage was to an American guy, he wanted a wedding at home in Wisconsin and I did too at first. Until I realized how much everything was going to cost. Somehow I got this big idea to plan a destination wedding in Mexico, so that’s what we did.

The legal wedding did actually take place in the US, but we had a “symbolic” ceremony at a resort in Cancun. It was a pretty easy wedding to plan since the resort did all of the work. If you are not interested in doing the wedding planning yourself, this is a great way to go.

plan a destination wedding in Mexico

My current marriage to the love of my life (aww) was 3 years ago in our home of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. He is from Puerto Vallarta, and that’s where we first met.

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Can I consider it a destination wedding since I actually lived in the destination?! Well, for this post I am going to.

We had both decided that we would plan the wedding together and do everything ourselves. It ended up being the most perfect, simplest, dreamiest wedding ever, plus it was cheap! Everything was done legally for the country of Mexico. There was no “symbolic” wedding without the legal part, this was the real deal.

We had so much fun planning our wedding, and I would recommend this over anything else. It made the entire experience more meaningful, and we were able to enjoy our big day knowing that it all came together by our own doing. It was quite a bonding experience for us.

I would love for every couple to have their dream wedding, wherever it is, and if it is in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, even better.

If you want to plan a destination wedding in Mexico, or anywhere else for that matter, I have 5 tips to help you get started. Hopefully, you can have the wedding of your dreams just like I did!

5 Crucial Tips to help you Plan a Destination Wedding in Mexico

plan a destination wedding in Mexico

  1. Know the legal requirements

This is obvious, but the most important tip of all! If you only plan to have a symbolic ceremony, then you don’t need to worry about this. But, if you do plan to have a legal marriage in Mexico there are several items that need to be taken care of.

Before you start any planning or booking, you should reach out to the specific state government where you plan to get married to be sure you are able to meet all of the requirements in your preferred timeframe.

We had to go to the doctor for blood tests, provide ID’s from witnesses, translate legal documents, and we were even sent to take a “marriage” class. Make sure you know all of the requirements first!

  1. Don’t hire a wedding planner

Before we decided to plan everything ourselves I had reached out to several wedding planners. All of which wanted to charge us three times what it would cost for us to just do it ourselves. They are making a killing, but I suppose they have some tough competition with all of the resorts doing so many weddings.

If you must hire a planner, or feel more comfortable using one, just do your research. There could be some things that are severely overpriced that you could potentially do yourself to save some money.

plan a destination wedding in Mexico

  1. Contact the resort where you plan to stay

Resorts are a big business in Puerto Vallarta, and I guarantee most of them plan weddings. If they do, you can probably get a decent deal on a wedding bundle and have all the planning done for you if that’s what you wish to do.

If you are not interested in having your wedding at a resort, you can at least reach out to them to get contact information for local vendors. This is how we found our florist/wedding décor vendor as well as our photographer, through resort connections. They can also recommend great restaurants, bakeries, and nightclubs. The resorts have connections, so use them!

  1. Understand that business is conducted differently

You may understand all of the legalities in your own country, but understand that you are doing business in a completely different country. They might have requirements that you just don’t understand. It is what it is and you have to accept that fact.

You will also have to accept that the process might take a little bit longer than you would think. In my experience, things operated a little slower than what I am used to. You will have to learn to be patient without getting stressed out.

  1. Finally, don’t stress!

One of the main reasons to plan a destination wedding in Mexico is to reduce the stress of planning a huge wedding at home. A lot of people choose this option to make things easier, simpler, and cheaper. Try not to stress so much because most likely everything will work out in the end if you let it. If you worry about every single little thing, that’s when things go wrong.

Enjoy your experience, let things flow how they need to and don’t be a bridezilla!

My first wedding was a stressful mess because I was worried about every single detail. I learned to let go during my second wedding. I didn’t stress too much about the details, I was way more easy-going, and no, it probably wasn’t “perfect” in someone else’s eyes.

But guess what? It turned out to be the wedding of my dreams.

plan a destination wedding in Mexico

I hope I have inspired you to take the leap and start planning your wedding, and if I did, I would LOVE to hear about it!

As always, if you have any questions or comments don’t be shy to reach out to me!

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15 thoughts on “5 Crucial Tips to help you Plan a Destination Wedding in Mexico”

  • Hey! I can so relate to this. I had my first weeding in Poland where I am form and I lived there by that time. 15 years later however, when I decided to get married again I did a destination wedding in Santorini, Greece . I Was thinking about a resort wedding in Caribbean or Mexico as well, but my family is from Europe and Santorini was just a better option. I like all your tips and I can confirm they make a lots of sense since now I had to do my research before too. Resort weeding is a definately a good idea as they cover most of details organizing your ceremony. I would not hire a weddin plannner as well, That would definately save a lot of money. And if you don’t want to go through all biurocratic issues, just get married officially in your country and have a ceremony in the resort or your chosen place. That’s what I did. Btw. Very nice blog and Congrats to You on your mariange – there is a lot of happiness I can see from these pictures! 😊

    • Wow, a wedding in Santorini sounds so dreamy! It must have been amazing! I definitely agree it is easier to legally marry in your home country then have the ceremony wherever you want! That saves a lot of hassle dealing with paperwork. Thank you so much for your comments Margarita!

  • I didn’t know about rule #1, but I kinda understand that. When Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall got married in Bali, it wasn’t a legal marriage under the Indonesian law.

    • I didn’t know that one either until my first wedding when the resort asked me what kind of ceremony I would like to have. I thought, well the regular one, lol. That’s when I found out that a lot of people choose to only have the symbolic ceremony at the destination, then go home and have the legal part done. Very interesting. Thanks for reading!

  • I do not know if I’ll ever marry but I can absolutely tell you that reading of your experience has allowed me to daydream

  • Thanks for this really useful article. Quite shocking to think that wedding planners charge around 3x what it would cost. Sounds like you had an amazing wedding in Mexico!

    • My gosh I couldn’t believe how much they were charging either! So happy it all worked out in the end and that we were able to have the entire wedding for a very low cost. Thanks so much for your comment!

  • What a great insight. I have a keen interest in weddings as work as an assistant as expos so this is really good to know. The legal things always get me and confuse me with marriage as I was looking to marry my ex partner in philippines previously and I was just lost looking for that info.
    I’m glad this wedding was the wedding of your dreams and congratulations!

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